EP II: Organic Entrenchment

by The Hallowed Catharsis

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This EP was tracked live off the floor at Blue Wave Studios on October 11th & 12th, 2014.

"The sublime sense of darkness, the taste of evil that defines Organic Entrenchment is easy to get lost in and speaks to the poetic magic of this band." - Matt Bacon, www.twoguysmetalreviews.com

"Organic Entrenchment is what's right with metal today. Piercing rhythm section, shredding guitars and chaotic growling vocals. It's hard to believe a band that's not even 2 years into it's tenure can slay at such a high level." - Sean Harris, www.brokenneckradio.com

"Killer bass playing, maturity in their adolescence, and the balls to record live have earned TMF‘s respect." - Anonymous, www.thatmetalfan.wordpress.com


released February 13, 2015

All songs written by The Hallowed Catharsis.
Mixed by Matthew Roach.
Mastered by Troy Glessner.
Album Artwork by César Adrian at Soul Asphyx Arts.



all rights reserved


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The Hallowed Catharsis Vancouver, British Columbia

The Hallowed Catharsis is a Vancouver based metal band founded in August 2013.

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Track Name: Tribulations of Tripping
Sunrise! This dying beauty won't release my gaze.
Staring through shards of mirror to see a half-decaying reflection of my own self.

As i melt, day by day.
Sleepless every night. Please end my headache.

As the eyes shift to me, I consume your pills.
Looking back just once to digest this sinking feeling.

I lie so silent. There is nothing I know.
I could die now. Cold, numb and alone.

Bleeding through the cracks as light flashes in between trees.
I watched the man inside and he watched me!

Sunrise, once again. Kill me and deconstruct my brain. Obliterate all of me. Find solitude and find peace.

Looking around. How can I be us?
Two haunted souls in one haunted mind.
Can you tell it if you look me in the eye?

Embossed graves under omniscient skies. Our home is a mass grave!

Eyes so turbid. Body shuts down.
I can help you. I simply choose not to!

Sunrise. Light against the walls.
Preying on friends of Morpheus.

Lay there, bleed there, react for the eyes you created.
Give your performance to your audience of you.
Track Name: No White Corneas; No Colourful Irises
Happened on the night before I died.

Well, where shall I start? I'm still so shaken.
Corneas were black! Irises all blank.

She had dead eyes. Hair strangles her neck.
Lacerating flesh. Putrid morbid stench.

Doors all open and windows burst.
I look around but no one's there.
Shadows taunt my every move.
Laughter's never been so scary!

Yes I saw something that night!
Tried to kill me and I thought I survived.
How wrong I was (I was so wrong)!
Happened on the night before I died.

Now she lunges! She's on the ceiling.
Eyes black; so soulless.
She claws and bites me. Pinch; I won't wake up!

Nightmare incarnate, her eyes so frightening.
Hellishly sanguine.
She smiles right at me!

Doors all open and light bulbs cracked.
I look around, there's blood everywhere!
Shadows dance around like fire.
Laughter's never been so scary!

The funny thing.
Now I'm in hell.
I hold hands with her.
Look like her as well.
Track Name: Concrete Walls
I need a brand new body!
The one I have just ain't as sharp as it was.
I need a brand new body.

All my life, I have been waiting for this.
Beat my own head against concrete walls.

This is not what I wanted. Nor is this our chance to shine.
Giving you the bright spot light.
While we kill you in the middle of the night.

Creating this aura to purge all disease of body and mind.
We created this horror.

Raising pure ugliness!
Promulgate your being.
Hatred in our smiles; otherworldly sins.

Saw us in the corner, crouching in the shadows.
Meant nothing to us.
Means everything to us.

Hold out your hand.
I place a treat on it.
You're small change.
Float in my pocket.

The promises made by ghosts.
This is why we cannot sleep.
This is what keeps us up at night.

So I reach towards my thirteenth hit of this.
Sleep, farewell.
I bid my soul to dear satan.

All praise the night.

Unholy one to you I give my heart.
Divorce my flesh this body's more than art.
Some twisted brutal form of sacrifice.
No sleep for us, to you we give our life!

I might blow up this place, launching us to outer space.
Keep me here if you want.
The spirit of death is here to haunt.
Fucking you like you fucked me! Should be easy for you to see.
Found my body in the ravine, smiling like the sanguine queen.
Track Name: Jazzy Jeff: With a Suit and a Grin
I am all alone.
Friends and family all gone.
They were killed in a fashion so violent.
I'm alone on this world.

Hell spawn, all around, they've been sent from the underground.
Evil presence felt by all.
They're climbing up the walls of buildings. At your house!
They're crawling out of corpses' mouths!

So clear in my head.
I will visit the place where these beasts were created.
Suicide by undead hands!
Take me to your commander.

I am going to die.
I'm going to hell so I can meet him!
Kill me quick so i can travel down, and then defeat him.
When I get there I do see a man in a suit staring back at me.
Two horns; a long, red tail.
Avenge mankind! I will prevail!

For I'll be hallowed. I've infiltrated hell.
I will kill satan. That's a story for you to tell!
I'm starting a war, to span the underworld.
Watch me spit.

Hell spawn, all around.
Love is nowhere to be found.
Impaled upon stalagmites!
Now I am the fucking antichrist!

Please re-write your bibles for me.
I'm the harpoon you are the whale!
Get to your brain through your ear holes.

I am the antichrist!
Satan no longer lives!
I am the antichrist!
And now i run this ship!
My name's your eulogy!
Hell spawn starts to fear me!
I am the antichrist!
I am the antichrist!

Maybe I've gone crazy with the power here in hell.
It courses through me! In my veins my blood does swell.
Does it make me evil? Does it make me satanic?
I find it calming. And oh so cathartic.

I am Satan.
Track Name: Rearranged at a Subatomic Level
Waking into dark. I am all alone.
Blood is spattered on plastic sheets hung up on all the walls.
Taxidermied heads. They are all staring.
Head feels eminent pain.
Where the hell am I?

I am getting out of here, this evil rotten place of fear!
Freezing out, it's 6 below!
It's pitch black out, which way do i go?

Every outlook grim, I run into the trees!
I hear footsteps that just can't be my own.
I see no one, but alone I am not.
Direction is meaningless when you're so lost!

Heavy breathing finds me hiding in the bush.
Paralyzed by fear's anxietal poison!
Game has been spotted, fucking target acquired!
Back, back, back to the lab to get my own brain wired!


Subject wakes up! No brain trauma!
They don't understand me! Well here we go!

Unwilling volunteer!
Wrists restrained! Legs restrained! Helmet application complete!

Let me just inspect all my tools and toys.
Push these buttons and these machines make noise.
Veins begin to bulge, victim's eyes so swollen
Insides start to change. His guts leak through his colon!

Now a pile of skin, yet his bones are shrunken!
Eyes alive, still attached to the brain!
Choked and died in his newfound cage.

Organic entrenchment.