The Uncanny Valley

by The Hallowed Catharsis

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The Hallowed Catharsis' debut EP, released on May 17th, 2014.


released 17 May 2014

Featured on "The Uncanny Valley":
Sean Ip - Vocals
Kyle Bains - Guitars
Vincent Yu - Guitars
Alex Forseille - Bass
Kevin Emms - Drums

Engineered & Produced by Kyle Bains & Vincent Yu
Mixed by Kyle Bains



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Extraterrestrial Radiation
They are no friends of ours.
We are no friends of they.
They'll be the death of us.
We'll be the death of them.

Greyed faces and black eyes.
They all came down from the skies.
Outer space and bright white lights.
They're all around in disguise.

I wake up. Where am I?
Puke up my guts; hold my side.
You know I'd rather have died,
That night.

I look up. Look to the sky.
I will never know why.

They are the enemy.
Nightmarish entity.
We must exterminate.
Extraterrestrial radiate!
They're all amongst us now,
Intergalactic brothel.
Slowly they strangle all the air out of our planet,
Thusly killing us all.
Track Name: Gravitas
Facing the Kraken, I am our final stand!
Stare him in the eye with my spear in hand.
Lusus naturae, I'll bring your head with me.
Creatures, sailors, bow to the new king of the sea!

Real life Cthulu tentacles strangle me.
Choking, gasping for air. This is my destiny.

I have drowned in a sea of fear.
I am no longer really even here.

Surrounds me.
All that I breathe.

I am the Kraken. Welcome to hell!
Look at all the horror, this is your final farewell.
This watery death isn't how you thought it would end.
This eight armed deity, from Satan descends.
Track Name: Ravaged Oasis
Haven; no longer heavenly.
Unblessed mirage appears to me.
Only remnants of our despoiled soldiers lie,
Mouldering in this sandy, cold trap.

My eyes, reaching out to taste;
Enthralled by this land of waste.
Desolation, as my squad all lay dead.
Onwards, I lead the unholy ahead!

This curse. Pestilence.

Is this desert cursed by this man?
Or is this man cursed by this land?

We are forever doomed
To walk this desert vast.
Search for souls exhumed.
Eat all of their flesh.

We are the living dead,
Of all these lands.
We are the undead soldiers.
Follow my command!
Track Name: Sensory Overload
Thoughts without shape or form, dominate within.
The path I walk just doubles back, so now I must begin.
I’m crashing down endlessly, though now I see no end.
Infinite time, infinite space mean nothing, now suspend.

Storm through battles; seas of fear.
Crushing metal drawing near.
Overload your sense of pain.
Fuck with us and die under our name.

I’m sick of all this confusion,
Here in this life of hell.
Drugs taken with knowing delusion.
No mind, no soul to sell.

Just bury me.
Track Name: The Uncanny Valley
"I can't sleep,
Clowns will eat me."
That's what I am.

I can't see his eyes but,
I know he can see mine.
Terror that he devised.
I am exhausted.
I am haunted.
Pogo, he is in my dreams.
What is sleep, what is reality?

Still no sleep.
I am restless.
Waits in my dreams.

"I can't sleep,
Clowns will eat me."
Waits in my dreams.
Track Name: Monster
Drawn by force, cut like a beast.
Disagree with me, genesis of your grief.
Now a monster with time on my hands,
Crushing the weak and destroying their lands.

Smite you into the dust,
In justice for those you have wronged.
Bury you in unmarked graves.
Torment you till end of days.

A tip of the scales, a slight of the hand.
A constant unchanged, a blight on the land.
The hidden third eye, the watcher unseen.
The terror disguised, the stalker of dreams.

Beyond your hands your time is now,
I do avow to strike you down.
Escape is not within your means,
Now your demise will set me free.

As I rise from the depths,
Surpassing my greatest apex.
Ascending unto my throne,
Built of my conquered foe's bone.
Surveying my newfound dominion,
Transcending unworthy opinions.
Unleashing my fullest of wrath,
Devastating all those in my path.

And the legends of their valour,
Lies, filth, and hypocrisy.
Atop their gilded towers,
Built upon ignominy.
Predicting the future of all,
Unveiling a bleak final call.
Grasping for one final breath,
Instead find the embrace of death.

No awaiting a new dawn's sun rays,
I will be your end of days.
Brought on by your useless persistence,
This monster your end of existence.